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To fart into your hand and wave it towards your face.
I was curious as to how bad my fart smelled so i decided to garp.
di Q-4PO 03 maggio 2008
Shut the fuck up, no one gives a shit about what you are saying. Garp is very similar to words like dgaf, however the fact that it is such an unknown word allows you to be more creative in your ways of shutting up.
Just garp.
di realcool 20 dicembre 2013
The act of farting under water and biting the bubble it creates. Females can also "garp" queiffs.
Remember when we were little and you would garp in the pool?
di ThangSlangin 10 aprile 2009
Garp is a word which stands for 'get a real problem.' It was created by Izi and Aimee in January 2013. Basically, it comes down to when bitches complain about shit that isn't even bad. Your response to them then can simply be 'Garp.'

Bitches: omfg, my fake nail is totally coming off!

Izi & Aimee: Garp.
di letddodis 10 ottobre 2013
Projectile vomit.

The act of making a pavement pizza or sidewalk pizza.
I totally saw your pavement pizza and it made me garp out another one, it was buy one get one free.

My girl made me a sandwich and she used expired mayo and it turned into Garpfest 2010.
di JD² 02 agosto 2010
A ONE of a Kind Garp. Is Tall Stunning to look at Cute As Ever, So Irrisistable.. in every way. No matter what the garp did to make me mad ill always and still love him all the more. Hes Always Polite. His Skin is soft. and his legs are hairy abit but i love him and everything bout him He Knows how to make you laugh Really....Very Sexy And A Good Charmer. he Knows how to make you smile so simple when upset or what to do at the rite times someone i couldnt live without now that i know him and have him i never wanna lose this garp lolno Matter WHAT . never lose him Always kind caring, giving to another. think of others first , generous. always there willing to help. very handy with alwmost everything smart as can be.. Can tend to get carried away at times . and doesnt think much before speaking but does also talk very well. great communication skills very dependable. someone to never forget and to always rememeber ... you just gotta love garp!!!. He'd always be there for you.! he'll be the shoulder to cry on and the person to comfert you~!.. Hes totally unforgettable never off yur mind once hes in it.! .. =] The greatest and more apprecitated Then even even if he doesnt get told hes loved or thankful for everyday... =]
Garp is Such A Great Person.!

I'll Never Forget That Garp Ever.!!!

You'll Have To Love garp hes the best,. .

Hes So Stunning.~~!!!!!

Garps So Sexy and handsome.!!!
di Damagedroses4lyfe. 03 luglio 2010
Originally: Great African Research Project
A project undertaken in a particular online game, aimed at improving game-performance, the Great African Research Project started by Wollongong was soon abbreviated to garp. This word soon became a common word, with many uses. It could be used instead of n00b, to express surprise, or in any instance where the speaker does not really know what to say.
1: Man, you are such a garp.

A: So how much did you pay for that thing?
B: $ 2599,99
di Wollongong 05 agosto 2006
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