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Unfortunate, or lame. Geigh is the loophole out of Homophobia, and by not insulting gay people (Gay does not equal Geigh), now you're a valiant liberal!
That math test was so geigh....No, Julio, I'm not offending homos!
di Poppa z 25 aprile 2005
182 42
Unimpressive; lame.
See teh suck
The prior examples are geigh.
di k2 18 gennaio 2003
54 26
The PC alternative to using "gay" as an adjective to describe things unrelated to homosexuality.

adjective-lame, silly, waste of time, annoying, etc.

Especially useful over email and IM until your friends are all convinced you are using the PC spelling in your mind when you speak in regular conversation.
ex: My boss won't let me out early today, even though I freaking worked a 24 hour shift yesterday. It's so geigh.
di K.Johnson 28 luglio 2005
35 18
(adj) Pathetic or unfortunate.
1. If you can't do that, you must be geigh.
di QZkotL 09 aprile 2003
23 26
plunt of homo
j00 r geigh
di mugglescrag 07 settembre 2002
4 49
Faggot, poofter, fudgepacker or the moral
Ugh! Windows XP is so geigh.
di Smokey 17 novembre 2002
5 56
Someone who is "geigh" is usually homosexual, it is loosely linked to the word "gay" (male homosexual) although it has, albeit rarely, been known to be used with reference to lesbians (female homosexuals) as well.
"He is always going on about how he likes the look of guys' bodies - maybe he is geigh"
di jam 03 giugno 2004
7 59