a True American Patriot and Hero
George w Bush great man, christian, and president yall liberals aint like him u can leave u shouldnt make fun of our leader
di Billy mcfarren 09 gennaio 2006
The conservative cowboy who has a good go-it-alone policy, screw the UN because they are retards anyway. In addition, he is the man who saved the US from the Heinz king and his homosexual lifemate, Johnny-boy Edwards.
George W. Bush is the best cowboy.
di o'shea 28 aprile 2005
The greatest and president of our generation. A true hero that all Americans can be proud of. A president of conviction, bravery, dedication and honor. Thank you Mr.Bush... Thank you.
Question; Why do other countries not like Mr. Bush?

Answer: Other countries want a weaker America.

Question: Why do some Americans not like Mr. Bush?

Answer: These are the same people who do not take the time out of their day to look up and research what this man has done. It's the "Cool", "trendy", "hip", "in" thing to be a Bush hater with the kids right now, but when faced with the reality of the world in this day and age, even the college "New Age Hippies" can see why America has to, and always remain the stronget, greatest nation in the world.
di The Americator 13 settembre 2004
The quintessential American; A person who we should all strive to be.
Wow, look at George W. Bush. I wish i was him
di Uncle Sam 10 marzo 2005
Has defeated two evil regimes linked to harboring terrorists

Has liberated 50 million civilians

His tax cuts created 1.5 million jobs in 10 months.

Has captured or eliminated over 2,000 members of Al Qaeda(most of any president).

3 million more Americans have health care since he took office.

Has done the most to combat AIDS than any other president.

Has provided tax reliefs to families of 9/11 victims

Has set the record for the highest approval rating for any president 91%.

I have taken the most action of any president after a terrorist attack and have prevented any future attacks.
George W. Bush is so cool, people know him by just one letter.
di Helios 25 settembre 2004
A president who has balls and knows what's right for the world. So screw those pansy French, let those crazy hippies die with all their pot and shit, and let those fucktards who have nothing better to do then to stand around outside and complain to wither away. If they love peace so much, why don't YOU go over in Iraq, in Iran, in North Korea, and in Lybia and see if those crazy-ass murders will "talk" to you and you just see if they'll give up their nuclear weapons and their terrorists. Why not just give up America and freedom and let them dirt-bags screw you in the ass? I don't, and neither does Bush. George W Bush, the man with the plan.
I voted for Bush because Kerry is a liberal sissy. If those democrats hated Bush so much, then why even throw Kerry in? Are they SERIOUS?
di kewlmanme123 17 marzo 2005
President of the United States 2000-2008

Deserves more respect, he did win the popular vote this time around guys.
President George W. Bush may be an idiot, but at least he's not as ass
di josie 03 novembre 2004
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