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According to MTV.com..."Jay-Z and Kanye West dropped their first single, "H.A.M.," on Tuesday, January 11th, but their record may have overshadowed another "ham" song: Yung Joc and Gucci Mane's "Going Ham" leaked over the weekend.

The tracks aren't related, nor do they have anything to do with a choice cut of pig: The Jay and 'Ye song name is actually an acronym that stands for "Hard As a Mother----er," while Joc and Gucci's version is based on the Atlanta term "going ham," which is a derivative of mayhem. Joc admits most people may not even know the term's origin."
You going ham tonight?
Nah, I got finals tomorrow.
di BurgerSack 19 maggio 2011
340 529
upgrading from bologna
If I have to eat one more bologna sandwich I'm going ham.
di princejackson'sfantasygirl95 21 febbraio 2011
828 1028
going hard" "getting hammered
this summer we are deff going ham all the time
di becfosho 08 giugno 2011
283 546
Verb. To go crazy, all out, like a bro.
Did you see Abby going ham at the show lastnight? Yeah the finch always goes ham.
di l3ahlives4br3akdowns 26 ottobre 2010
341 718
goin' ape on a mofo. MC Hammer style.
dude ran up on J-bone, got in his face, he started going ham on him. wasnt pretty.
di Bromeisterstein 05 marzo 2010
320 709
A slang term meaning there isnt any girls in the club so you have to go home and maturbate instead.
Tony: Damn this place is kinda dead man
Mateen: Thats why im Going HAM brotha.
di Zeek Looney 27 febbraio 2011
129 545
When muslims convert back to christianity
Al-Rasheed: I haven't seen Al-Jalil in a minute.
Hassan:I think he's Going ham
di Meezy-Me 18 agosto 2008
513 958