It really is a medical disorder. Probably the scariest thing I've ever seen on the internet, other than pictures of people with graves' disease.

Could possibly be the name for a shitty metal band?
Harlequin fetus will haunt your dreams.

Tonight at 7pm - Harlequin Fetus opening for Dream Theater and Man-O-War $10 in advance, or $15 at the door. 18+
di NotABigFanOfHarlequinFetuses 03 febbraio 2004
The most disturbing picture I have ever been tricked into Googling up in my entire life. It's a picture of a fetus with bleach-white skin that is incredibly hard. It is almost completely deformed, and has hideous red blotches for eyes. Believe me when I say that YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT.
John, a mean and selfish person who does not care about other people, tricked Rob into looking at a harlequin fetus image, and he was scarred for the rest of his life.
di Ainolketta 18 febbraio 2005
Overwhelming proof that god does not exist.
i believed in god, until i gave birth to a harlequin fetus
#harlequin #god #fetus #skin #scales
di matt benyo 17 agosto 2007
the worst and most scary thing ive seen ever! please listen to chicken and every one and dont look it up its down right wrong to exploite this on the internet i wish they took it off look at tub girl or gotse but not this but what was worse then exploiting it is sending an email and telling the person that it is funny wich is how i saw it. how sad that the human race has turned in this you people who post it should burn in hell.
i dont think that i need an example after all i said
di kite822 06 maggio 2005
Harlequin Fetus is a disease. I'm not even going to go into it much, just know that it's TERRIBLE. No, I am not shitting you or pulling your ball sack on this one. I'm talking TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. Terrible to be born with and even worse to live with.

I'm also not going to tell you not to Google search it, that's your own dumbass decision to make, but let me tell you now, those images are very, very scary. Want a description? Babies born with Harlequin Fetus look like aliens or mutated babies with burnt, cracked skin and red globular eyes. SOLID red eyes. I would like to say that plenty people have survived it, but many haven't. THIS IS NOT A DAMN JOKE. IT IS NOT FUNNY. IT IS PAINFUL, IT IS LIFE THREATENING, AND ANYONE WHO STILL BELIEVES IT'S KINDA FUNNY CAN GO LOOK UP THOSE IMAGES NOW.
A 14 year old girl, Hunter Steinitz, was born with Harlequin Ichthyosis. Everything about her is perfectly normal, except for her skin, which is bright red and very, very thick. She's lucky she was born alive.

Using Harlequin Fetus as a shock image to laugh at is cruel and disgusting, the work of idiots. Whoever actually did laugh at it can go shove a stick up their butt.
#check out lemonparty #tubgirl #booty #blue waffle #and mustard snack
di The Pizza Delivery Girl 28 gennaio 2013
The most disturbing picture I have ever seen. It's a picture of a fetus with dead white skin. It is almost completely deformed, and has hideous red blotches for eyes. It looks like it skin is made of cement and it has been cracked. It is horribly scary. If you must, search it.. I wouldnt reccomend it..

I think it should be an Unawesome Foursome.
TubGirl, Goatse, Lemon Party and Harlequin Fetus
Guy 1: *playing Pikmin 2*
Guy 2: OMG!! these pictures are horrifying..
Guy 3: *has heart attack*
Guy 1: wow, the harlequin fetus looks like a white pikmin!
Guy 2: have you no remorse?
Guy 1: Well it does!
Guy 2: Get out of my house and jump off a cliff.. freak!

Thats If you need a visual aide.
#harlequin fetus #harlequin #fetus #tubgirl #goatse #lemon party #lemon
di Sam-Super At Masturbation 23 ottobre 2007
1 of the 3 notorious pictures in the LUE Trinity. The exact definition can be found on several reputable medical websites. The LUE Trinity is goatse, tub girl, and this, the harlequin fetus.
The Trinity; that is, goatse, tub girl, and the harlequin fetus, burned my eyes and made me bleach my retinas.
di Fiver 07 giugno 2004
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