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One who is a shining light in a beacon of darkness. One who is always happy and makes others feel better about themselves
Oh your so cute Lammy! Lammy makes me feel all good on the inside!
di TheLeBou 18 agosto 2009
An amazing girl who may be considered by some to be a prude friend but is still the star in everyones eyes and loved by the community.
Kathryn is his lammy since she's the most amazing beautiful girl he's been with yet hasn't put out.
di YassBoogie 01 febbraio 2011
Hooks up Schweitzer with ugly chick, then brags about it. Loses in fantasy football all day, and can only lift 50 pounds. Also referred to as Jedidiah Lam. He throws oranges at library windows. He is a kool Lammy.
That chick was so ugly I pulled a Lammy.
di LaughAtMe 28 novembre 2011
Short azn girl with whack attitude
Fat kids sister
di Azn_Dra9on 17 luglio 2003
(See top definition)
di Anonymous 20 settembre 2003