Stands for My Life is Average. MLIA is a spinoff of FML that was originally created for users to document daily life. However, it has now been infested with homosexual suburban white children who make up fake stories and post them in an attempt to impress and make other people laugh. The demographic includes Harry Potter nerds, Twilight haters, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus haters, 5-year-old suburban white girls from Nebraska, etc.

Posters frequently post about how something awesome happened at their school, such as a professor dressing up as a banana and reading fairy tales to the class. Quite obviously, these stories are fake; if they were real, then all MLIA posters probably attend Faggot High School.

MLIA posts are supposed to begin with "Today" and end with "MLIA". However, many posters are so busy fabricating their bullshit stories that they forget to do so. Recently, a trend has developed where posters chronicle an exciting event and end their post with a matter-of-fact statement, such as "Life. Complete." or "I love _____." This statement is meant to be the "punchline" of the pathetic joke that posters are trying to tell.
Real MLIA post:
"Today, I went to Burger King for dinner. Then I went home and watched The Hangover. MLIA."

Note the documentation of events that truly happen in average life.

Fake MLIA post:
"Today, I woke up and decided to dress up as Harry Potter. When I got to school, I discovered that my friends had dressed up as Harry Potter characters as well. Then all of a sudden the entire grade started singing "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" in the hallway. I love my school. MLIA."

Note the documentation of an event that could never happen, except at Faggot High School in Homoville, Nebraska. Also note the homosexuality portrayed by the poster and his matter-of-fact conclusion of "I love my school."
di jimminator 04 luglio 2011
Where twilight and Justin Bieber are the devil, where ninjas always beat pirates, where coloring books, crayons, and bubble wrap are adequate ways to pass time, where dinosaur chicken nuggets are the meal of choice, and Harry Potter reigns supreme.
"Today, me and my boyfriend made a pillow fort, bought dinosaur chicken nuggets, and watched Harry Potter. Best. Date. EVER. MLIA
di TEAMSTARKID108 29 maggio 2011
MLIA stands for My Life Is Average. It's one of the best websites ever, and they strongly dislike Justin Beiber and strongly love Harry Potter, unicorns and ninjas.
Person 1: Whoa, are you seriously dressed up as a ninja?
Person 2: Yep, MLIA.
di Maddest of the O's 01 maggio 2011
MLIA(my life is avrage)
A website full of lovers, of Harry Potter, Disney movies, Coloring Books, Ninjas, Dinoswars, Bubble Wrap, and the occasonal Tree Climber, and twi****t haters, who slip on banana peels, read(way to much), sing at random times, and go on intense adventures. There is an avrage word of the daY, AND THE OCCASONIAL NINJA(invisibLE) WORD(STUPID CAPs lock)EX. pseudonym, ,or soap.
EX. Today, I looked up the definition of Edward Cullen in Urban dictionary. The first definition was "A psycho who goes into girls bedrooms to watch them sleep. May or may not sparkle." To make things better, the example was "This guy is a total Edward Cullen! Crept into my room again last night!". This pretty much made my day. MLIA
di allreadytaken 27 novembre 2010
Stands for-My Life Is Average. The COOLEST WEBSITE EVA!
Today, I walked by a coloring book station on the way to class....I'm in law school. MLIA
di Awsomanated 08 aprile 2011
A website where people who hate twilight, love harry potter, love crayola, hate miley cyrus, are to involved in their child hood, like trying to get kicked out of walmart, like having nerf battles, building forts, and anything that has to do with starwars (especially lightsabers) often begin posts with "Today," and end with " MLIA"
Dude I stayed up until 3am reading MLIAs last night!!
di ghanygirl 12 dicembre 2010
1. Only the coolest website on the web!
2. Also, it's what you put after an ironic, epic, or karma-y message on the web.
1. MyLifeIsAverage dotcom is a really cool site!!
2. Today, I was walking down 3rd street and I saw a homeless man with a sign that said,"This will be you in 45 years if you don't give me a high-five. FTW!" I didn't give him a high-five. MLIA
di Catsoup 13 giugno 2010
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