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a certain girl's sexual toy
rochelle had a momo in her vagina and it felt amazing.
di kyrochelle 10 luglio 2008
An extremely religious cultist. AKA A Mormon.
Git outta mah house momo
di Cam lessey 07 febbraio 2008
Idiot. (You didn't think it was that simple did ya?)
He's a total momo asshat.
di methodtim 18 maggio 2005
amazingly funny pasadena girl who terroizes loyola boys on her free time and often says "tee hee hee"
di buffalo solider 25 aprile 2009
an alcoholic drink consisting of Captain Morgan and Monster
"Hey what are you drinking?"

"I got me some mo mo!"
di FoShizle 05 maggio 2008
Racial slur for Mormons.
Dude, did you see that Momo over there? Dood! He fucks his cousin, Dood!
di Dumpy Dits 23 marzo 2008
idiot, retard, imbecile, dumb ass
you momo, you spilled your beer all over yourself
di ebjimmyg 30 maggio 2005