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A word used to describe the Manly region of the Northern Beaches in NSW Australia as used by a select core of Bally Boys students.
Though Man Town refers to the entire area of Manly it means in particular the pubs bars and nightclubs that line the corso including Sharkbar, Boat Shed, Henry Africas and others.
Examples as used in conversation.

"Hey whose keen to sessh up Man Town."

"Where you off to"
"Man Town."

"Hey lets go sessh some DF time."
"Yeah sure what do you wanna hit up?"
"Sharkbar DF."
"Esh Man Town."
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di Ninja Mc Stealth Kill 27 luglio 2009
Mantown is the actual realization of an imaginary place, kind of like heaven, except with fewer clouds and more dudes drop kicking parking signs, taking care of one another, making dollar bets, building community, being ridiculously funny (or not funny), sharing stories and struggles, and rejecting societal norms around masculinity so to be strong, affectionate and passionate men without reservation. Mantown started in a small Seattle based community and is a sweeping the globe; kind of like Fight Club without the violence. This is also where upper and lower Mantown unite. The original members of Mantown are legendary.
I need some new shoes bro, Mantown should do some dude's day shopping this weekend. Yeah Mantown!
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di kingcrazylegs 20 maggio 2008
The gayest place in the world, end of story. Another way to say YMCA.

Fuck WAAF and fuck the Mantown morning show. WBCN IS THE ONLY ROCK STATION IN BOSTON.
Couple of homo's, no homo's, Mantown.
#mantown #gay #opie & anthony #toucher & rich #wbcn
di Joey43 09 dicembre 2006
An adult males clubhouse. Section of a home, typically a furnished basement, where it's all about the man. Foosball, air hockey, pool, pinball, darts, big screen/plasma, wet bar, stocked fridge and a lock on the door. Welcome to Man Town.
"Honey, we will be in man town watching the game - and cannot be be reached for the next 4 hours."

"He left for man town 2 hours ago, but has enough supplies for a week."

"This autographed basketball would be perfect for my man town collection"

#man #town #hideout #clubhouse #playtime #play
di Mytraxx 04 ottobre 2005
mantown - A place of solace for married or men in relationships to hang out and be men.

There is nothing homosexual about this place. In fact, any homosexual acts will have you banned from Mantown. Other things banned from Mantown include:

Movies featuring Julia Roberts
Capri Pants
Talking about your wife or girlfriend (sexual acts may be discussed - but thats it)
A place where men can do any of the following:

watch sports, play video games, fart, eat hot wings, drink beers, play cards - all without being bothered by their wives or girlfriends.

"Lets go down to mantown and watch the Superbowl. BRING BEER"
#man #town #beer #sports #video games #farts
di Bozer 06 settembre 2007
The place where "men go to be men"

from: crappy morning radio show
there are no front doors in mantown, only dirt roads leading to back doors.
#gay #radio #hillman #waaf #morning
di Kyle Kack 19 luglio 2006
A way of life. More than just a place, or group of friends, Mantown is a lifestyle. Passed down through generations, Mantown is a sacred rite of passage for its legendary six members. From the creator known as Mr. Shaheen, Mantown has become a crazy, beer-drinking, group of six men who are always getting the J done. Dougie Mo, Jeano, Ziggy Mo, Arnie, Nickaleen, and Fink all have become the current and permanent beholders of Mantown. Always ready to get the J down or sip on some brewha, or even pound some bruschi, Mantown is legendary.
I am sitting in front of the computer right now naked, legs crossed, and confused as to why i still have my socks and sneakers on. Mantown.
#needham #party #getting the j done #pounding bruschis #sipping on brewha #mantown
di -___-_ 03 febbraio 2008
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