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Black poles whites holes
Hey Malcom let's dirty up the white snow at Aleigha's Mandingo party because a Mandingo party don't stoooooppp!
di David Addario 25 maggio 2013
A mandingo party is an interracial orgy arranged for single black men (called bulls) to have sex with or gangbang white wives or daughters in front of their white husbands or fathers (called cucks).

Participants argue that interracial cuckolding is a by-product of multiculturalism and tolerance. But bigotry — and a dose of white guilt — lie at the heart of any racialized fetish: black men, despite their "superior" sexual prowess, are debased and eroticized, and believed to pose less of a threat because the wives would supposedly never date them.

Mandingo cuckoldry is a recurring theme in pornography and psychology.

A male with latent bisexual or gay tendencies may be unwilling to have sex with a man, but can concede to watching his woman in the act and vicariously experience it through her.
Many white men download Mandingo Party porn for it's misogynistic elements.
di Mairkin'Cuckold 19 aprile 2009
a sex party in where black guys (usually more than 2) all take turns to giving sex to one white girl
My friend loves black guys so much she had a man dingo party for her bday
di honeykisses 06 luglio 2013
A sex party in where black guys (usually more than 5) all take turns given sex to Raj Kandy.
Raj was a little loose after the man dingo party.
di RajMiddleSEX 11 febbraio 2015
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