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DCs #1 school for sports... and posers. This school has more tools than a home depot! The kids there r OBSESSED with their school (and themselves). Yes... theyre good at sports but theyr also good at being insensitive douche bags. They hate any other DC school and ANY other definition of mater dei on this site that is sayin good things was written by a mater dei kid (or some dumb blonde from some public school).
Mater Dei Kid- Im sooooooo awesome!!! LAAAAAX!!!!
Dumb-Ass Blonde- Hhaha! I knoooow!!!! i sweat u!!!
Normal Kid: Not really.
#tools #posers #douche bags #dumb-blondes #retards
di nikehitops 28 febbraio 2011
A school in Santa Ana, California that is ridiculously good at sports. IT also provides a great education to those that want it. Also unlike that gay school called Sage Hill it does not cost 19 grand a year and there are not as many stuck up bitches that get escalades and porsches for their first cars.
Guy 1: We play Mater Dei at football tommorow
Guy 2: wow were boned
di materdeirules 30 marzo 2005
a ridculousy incredibly, hot school and who kicks everyones asses in their league. evry kid there is a beast. i sweat this shcool and id ang all of them. they are like...the best atheletes ever
landon kid-shit we haved to play mater dei in lax
some other guy-ya ur fucked
di big duber 02 aprile 2005
catholic school that goes from 1-8 grade and is very concerned about their sports situation. they hold kids back just to play for them another year, making them a football, wrestling, basketball and lacrosse powerhouse.
they sorta piss everyone off.
damn mater dei and their damn athletics
di papas fritas 18 aprile 2005
A school that is ridiculously good at wrestling, and sometimes over-agressive. Best in the DC area, but potomac school comes close.
Mia: o SHIT were wrestling mater dei, were gonna lose.
Nicola: o SHIT were wrestling mater dei, im gonna die
di wrestlingperson 08 gennaio 2005
1.(n) An all guy school that everyone should lovee!
2. (adj) sexy,and amazing at ALL sports
The guys there are very very goood looking! i would do all of them...seriously tripplaxxx!
1. mater dei guys are sexy.
2. you're sooo materr dei
#mater #dei #boys #make #my #bed #rock
di MdMan 25 agosto 2006
A feeder school to GTown Prep in MD. They arent that good at sports and usually lose to rival Landon because they dont recruit like their high school does. But then again, Landon beats Prep in almost everything as well
Mater Dei kid- Shit, Landons on the schedule....
Mater Dei kid 2- Oh its alright lets get some kid from Upstate NY
Teacher- ummm, we cant do that....
di MaterGay 10 aprile 2005
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