Murphy's Law

Any bad shit that seems to want to happen will happen no matter what the fuck you do about it! I beleive that the problem gods are a result of this.
Example of Murphy's Law

"If you piss off the problem gods......
Well dont piss off the problem gods."
di Richard Porter 24 settembre 2006
The law that Eddie Murphy will never again be funny until he goes back to Saturday Night Live. The good one, from the nineties. Start working on that time machine, Mr. Ed.
"I spent the day/ making a friend/ for life/ too bad/ i was making it with/ the land lord's wife


di Radioman 02 dicembre 2003
Otherwise known as 'sequelitis'. A general malady where any actor who reprises a character in more than one movie (that is, for example, is compelled to do, say, The Nutty Professor IV: Buddy Love Vs the Hamster) is doomed to repeat that character in other movies.
It is murphy's law in action: the movie The Haunted Mansion. (Other actors suffering from murphy's law is Bruce Willis, Sly Stallone, Arnie Schwarzenegger. Of course, Arnie may have inadvertedly found the cure for ML)
di yygsgsdrassill 06 gennaio 2004
Anything bad that could happen, will happen. Frequently quoted by those who think the entire world is against them, just because their piece of toast never lands the right way up. Same people often use the phrase 'That's just fucking typical' (of the world and everyone's in its conspiracy to piss me right off).
di Eldritch 04 settembre 2003
How spoiled little fucks interpret the motives of the world around them. always thinking that things HAVE to go right for them all the time(to the point where they can't recognize a blessing if it fucked them in the ass) and when it doesnt, the world all of a sudden turns into a hatefilled monster with a sole purpose to turn said person's life into a hell because he cant stop thinking about how his life sucks because one thing didn't go the way it was supposed to in his little bubble/world. Shit happens, the longer you cry about it, the more it affects you, grow up and take control of your emotions dipshit.
person 1: Hey, whats up man!
person 2: Have you heard of Murphy's law?
person 1: nah, what is it? chemistry?
person 2: my girlfriend just told me it isnt working so i went out for a drive, i was lighting my cigarette when a truck pulls out of nowhere and i smash right into it
person 1: damn that sucks, oh well shit happens, wanna get some chinese, im taking this hot chick, and shes bringing a friend.
person 2: no i need some time to get my self together
person 1: alright bro take it easy.
di Sameer B 08 maggio 2007
That every thing Murphy says is true and should be followed. Except for the things that aren't funny, which are.... alot.
"Murphy I am I fat?" to which murphy replies. "No you are not, don't be stupid"
di Murphy 10 settembre 2003
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