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slang term refering to the head
he's got a decent noggin on his shoulders
di Ilianivich 15 marzo 2003
Slang term for a head.
"You've got a thick Noggin haven't ya?"
di Glittery Goddess 27 giugno 2004
Irish word for head...
(playing soccer)... "On the noggin"
di Cully 01 aprile 2003
1. head (noun not verb)
2 . a small drinking vessel or measure of alcohol
3. end of a loaf of bread (can't find anything to back that up though)
1. I rattled my noggin (I banged my head)
2. I'll have a noggin of Whiskey
3. Do you mind having the noggin in your sandwhich
#noggin #measure #head #crust #skull
di O. Bog 13 novembre 2010
To get a blow job; to get head. See definition of noggin.
I got noggins on the 2nd hole of a public golf course. It was awesome!
#head #blow job #oral sex #fellatio #glory hole
di chrisfromlawschool 01 ottobre 2009
1. The human head
2. The uppermost part of the body
we're still scratchin' our noggins after figuring out what he's done
#head #noggins #noggin #bean #block #conk #dome #noodle #nut
di le1 09 novembre 2007
The more chill way of getting head.
Damm, my bitch Lucy gave me good noggin at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.
#head #blowjob #sucking #blowing #wet
di Black Momba In You 18 dicembre 2010
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