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What most people who post on this sits lives are worth.
Stop playing so much CS fag.
di the kkk rocks 07 maggio 2003
the punchline to a very tastless joke
whats better than having sex with an 11 year old asian boy?

di h bizzle 5 shizzle 25 febbraio 2005
It is what everything else isn't. Everything else is somehting so the other thing is nothing.
Nothing is nothing, so nothing doesn't exist and there is not not not nothing. Everyting is something.
di Turd Ferguson 29 gennaio 2004
the piece of skin between the vagina and the anus
She had a piece of toilet paper stuck on her nothing
di BigAnt 28 marzo 2008
nobody. lame. stupid
"girl, you see Kiesha yesterday, homegirl had on a bright pink halter top on with some bright green booty shorts. Aint she nothing!"

-reply "nothing paw"
di indi 06 maggio 2003
Vagina- woman's sexual organ
Nothing is beautiful
di zb 14 dicembre 2005
1. It means absolutely nothing
2. Being broke or out of money
3. Some random stupid person running for president as an Jackass party
I got nothing
Yo wassup nothing
Go get a nothing
What are ya doin': Dude #1
Nothing: Asshole #2
di Mr. MeanGuy 04 aprile 2006