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Evil little robot.
Omochao:i'm Omochao and i'm here to(turn demonic)kill you all!!HAHAHA
di Omochao himself 22 dicembre 2003
An immortal, sadistic, evil chao-robot that blurts out the obvious, possibly created by Dr. Robotnik to annoy the crap out of the player.
Re: lucifer, Deamon, and Devil
Omochao: "Press the A button to jump!"
di R.K. 03 luglio 2004
a very stupid lame reterted annoying robot chao
omochao is evil
di protoman 14 settembre 2003
an extremely messed up robo chao.
omochao: hi i'm omochao and i'm here to *turns demonic* KILL YOU ALL!
di tommy 05 settembre 2003