File used to recover RARs (or anything really, but mostly RARs) that you download *cough* legally *cough* from newsgroups, IRC, FTP\'s, etc. so you don\'t have to redownload the corruprt files again. You need a program like SmartPAR or QuickPAR to get these files workin.
Guy1: \"yo, my dev-rs3.r03 file is corrupt. Got any PARs?\"
Guy2: \"yea i do. theyre on the way\"
20 minutes later...
Guy1: \"thanks man, that recovered it perfectly and it extracted fine. you are teh r0xX0rZ!\"
di dreese9859 26 aprile 2005
a game originally played by a bunch of high assholes in some kids basement.
three categories can trigger a par:
1: Cheese
2: Marijuana
3: sports
This includes anything related to those words. Saying a type of cheese, anything relating or in reference to marijuana, sports ( this includes players names or common sports related phrases such as "swing batter batter")
once you say something that triggers a par, any surrounding player can "par" you but only up to 30 seconds after the word has been said.

once you have been "par"'d you must do the following:
1:ball your right fist
2:use your left hand to push it down to your knee's
3:launch your right fist up till it almost hits you in the face
4: lick your knuckle

If you refuse to do this, all other players can punch you in the face.

How to par: when someone says one of the three words(or words relating to) shout "par" at them.
dude 1: what kind of pizza did you want tonight?
dude 2: i don't know, cheese?
dude 1: PAR!!!!!
dude 2: shit man, :::::licks knuckle:::: you fucking got me again!
girl 1: man, you shoulda been there we smoked some dank outa john's bubbler
girl 2: PAR!
girl 1: :::::::licks knuckle::::::: i suck at this game
di KMILLA 12 settembre 2007
expression for 'post anal rape' in reference to either:
1. hardcore anal sex or
2. an insanely difficult test in school
1. Par, the recovery from balls deep anal sex, is often a painful time in a girl's life for a few days after the first time.

2. My calculus exam provided me with feelings of par immediately leaving the room.

okay bad examples, the word is often a single expression.
di j.m. dunham 26 febbraio 2009
1. An idiot's name for AR (Action Replay), a cheat device made by Datel for many systems.

2. A cheat device for SNES, which people think is also made for Game Boy Advance, GCN, XBox, PS2, etc., hence number 1.

3. The worst you can do in golf without doing bad (i.e. getting a bogey).
1. OMG i u3s t3h p4r 2 ch337!!!11

2. See number 1.

3. A par is no birdie.
di Intelligence: The Anti-N00b 21 settembre 2004
to par with someone means to hang around with them. for example you par with your close bredrins. who you associate yourself with.
" nah fam, last week i was parrin with those boys from N1"

"I par with my close friends and smoke weed"
di Lord Sinista 28 ottobre 2005

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