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Wannabe Ghetto Rich Kids.
"Yeah My Mom's Making Me Turkey. It's GANGSTERR."

"Tizzzyyight Bro. I Got 400 Dollars For Being On Myspace."

"Man Were Hella Ghetto!"

"You Know It."

"Richsters Fo Lifee!"
di Tee Jayy Bitch! 30 gennaio 2009

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boi dink gangsters ghetto googlite hipster preppy rich wannabe yuppie
Hipsters that make it big on a Web 2.0 company's IPO
a> Looks like facebook is going to go public
That's going to make a lot of rich hipsters
<b] omg, what are we going to do?
<b] let's call them "richsters"
di mikeyn6il 31 gennaio 2012