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Its the nickname for St. Thomas, the capital of the U.S Virgin Islands
Rock City is the best , I went last month.
Where were you?
di Damiien 02 ottobre 2007
37 4
An amazing club for alternative people in Nottingham (uk) which is really fun, whether it's under or over 18 nights.
There are usually loads of people soaking wet because of water fights.
Rock city rules!
Anya: Wanna go rock city?
Mel: Hell yeah!
di Candyfloss Lafunk 10 dicembre 2004
28 14
a awesome place in tn which peopple go to so they can look at a bunch of lights and then talk about how cool the lights were for another week
Bill:did you see the lights at rock city last ngiht?
Bob: ya dude they frickin rocked!
di Lmacky12345 15 gennaio 2007
9 5