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Any irresponsible and/or devious action taken by a bank with the intention of fleecing its customers.
My bank schmanked me with multiple fees for things that weren't my fault.
di velocitycu 12 aprile 2010
9 2
a way of expressing gratitude
Friend: "i bought you a beer!"
You: "Schmanks!"
di Boondogler 24 gennaio 2012
2 1
The universal anything.
you're such a schmank

hey man me and that chick totally schmanked
di Wankmasta 18 ottobre 2004
11 12
Disgusting, tan bed abuser, trailor park hoochie. Pretty much just a nasty bitch.
that is the schmankiest bitch I've ever seen
di malfoof80 24 marzo 2006
9 16