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The masters of metal. The baddest riffs (warning: Wimps may damage their wrist trying to play their music), the fastest drumbeat, the meanest voice and the most EVIL lyrics...
Typical Slayer lyrics: "The Gates of Hell are waiting can't you see, there's no other way just follow me
I can take your lost soul from the grave
Jesus knows your soul cannot be saved"
di JK1112 17 dicembre 2003
Only the greatest fucking band ever made. The best drums, guitar, and vocals. It could be slow or fast, but either way it's fucking crazy. Listen to Reign In Blood or War Ensemble if you want to start a fucking riot.
Q: Hey wanna listen to Slayer?
A: If we do, I'm gonna end up beating the shit out of you. But yeah.
di Joe Bachmeier 30 luglio 2005
1]The heaviest, best metal band in the world.
2]A band that REALY kicks ass
1]Megadeth's a great band, Anthrax is almost as good, but Slayer owns all
2]Slayer kicks so much ass, It can kick my ass
di Kerry King 30 gennaio 2006
The darkest, heaviest, most brutal fucking thrash band to have ever struck the face of God's green earth with pure bruality. Capable of pounding out the most coolest, creepiest and most Satanic lyrics that don't actually oversaturate their image to a point of being laughable (see Deicide). Founded by Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman back in the early 80s, their influence upon the thrash movement is undisputed, with albums like "Reign in Blood" and "Seasons in the Abyss" ranking as the most influential and famous thrash albums in record history.

As far as this author's concerned, Metallica don't fucking deserve to be considered the backbone of thrash. Metallica sold out and changed, but Slayer never did. They didn't compromise their sound for fucking anybody, and to this date, they've remained sheer volume and pumelling riffs that totally kick the shit out of all but the heaviest of Death metal.

To date, their most recent album is "Christ Illusion"; another brutal masterpiece that illustrates how well they've stuck to their roots. "Catatonia" has a guitar solo that's to die for. Quite literally if you're ears are too weak to handle the overpowering bad-ass-itude of Slayer's music (and no, that wasn't a real word, so don't bother looking it up on UD).
Metalhead #1: "I went to a Slayer concert the other week."
Metalhead #2: "Shit man, you survive?"
Metalhead #1: "I lost three fingers in a mosh pit, sustained cranial brain damage from being kicked against the floor... loved every fucking minute of it."
Metalhead #2: "Hell yeah. You catch a guitar pick?"
Metalhead #1: "Yep, I'll strum with it after I get feeling back in my fingers."
di Alhadis 19 agosto 2006
A kick arse Thrash Metal band that blow whoever listens to it away, also made one of the greatest metal albums of all time.

Members include:

Tom Araya
Jeff Hanneman
Kerry King
Dave Lombardo.
Want to create a mother of all mosh pits? Put some Slayer on.
di Manga (Keelan) 18 luglio 2006
1.Someone who slays.
2.A Heavy metal band that pwnes
3.A title you get in diablo 2 if u beat the game on normal difficulty
1.behold thoust "Slayer" of thoust NEWB !!!
2.i got the new slayer cd
3.that guy is a slayer he kill baal on norm.
di Katsumoto 19 giugno 2005
The most fucking awesome band ever! A person who calls themselves a metal-head but can only name the songs "Angel of Death" and "Bloodline" when asked their fav Slayer song is a cunt-ass poser who disgraces true Slayer fans everywhere.
Listen to the Slayer album "Show No Mercy" (Antichrist, Die By The Sword, Metalstorm/ Face the Slayer, Crionics, Fight Till Death, etc.); it will change your perspective on life.
di Kerry King666 03 ottobre 2006
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