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All girls school founded in 1892 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Girls that get into the Ivy League while looking hot. In one word: perfect.
Spence girls do it better (unofficial school motto)...

Spence girls know how to use hairbrushes (see W article)...
di Clara B. 06 febbraio 2005

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an all girls private school in nyc where the girls are pretty and perfect and always get what they want in life
"not for school but for life we learn"

"spence girls do it better" (but really do it best)
di watch_me_shine 28 aprile 2005
OMG!!!!!!!!!! My girlfriend is from Spence, and she is SO FUCKING HOT, especially in bed, just like the motto says.

I've done girls from every single all-girls school in New York, but apparantly, the Spence School's motto is right: "Spence girls do it better."
di Boblily 08 marzo 2008