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a premature pedofile, who resembles an undesirable household rodent, is dirty, likes to utter the word "fuck" frequently, and often will tell others how much pussy he could get to detract from the fact that he is actually into elementary-aged boys
Squeeks seduced little Michael into the forest during recess and unmercifully railed the shit out of his asshole
di The Anti-Squeeks 26 febbraio 2008
5 13
The sound your cock makes when you stick it in a tight ass pussy with a non lubricated condom
I only got the head in that cunt, and it sounded like a balloon animal being made. The squeek was unreal
di Ozzy1983 06 giugno 2011
9 24
l33t man
squeek is god
di anonymous 03 luglio 2003
16 42
A guy who loves other guys or brittainy
The same thing
richard= homo
di karen lots 10 febbraio 2003
14 45