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That was funny, you may not have been crying your eyes out over this funny thing, but you gave a chuckle or smiled.
Random person on internet: OMG LOL

ME: I believe you mean TWF
di willbill 14 giugno 2007
That wanking fuck
Oh my god twf cheated on me!
di Amyaudacity 25 giugno 2014
A TV show called "thumb wrestling federation" where thumbs would get dressed in felt clothing and wrestle each other. It's like WWE but fot a younger audience
Hey lets watch some TWF! theres a new episode on tonight
di Natpar 06 ottobre 2013
totally wanna fuck
Dude, TWF that!
di mastergallivanter 30 luglio 2011
(The what fuck.)

A phrase that can be used as an exclamation when no other phrase will do, or as a question by someone who's really confused. Typically used as an extra addition to a statement/question, though sometimes used on its own.

Not to be confused with wtf or ftw. Possibly originating when a gamer wanted to to mix things up (or was so mad s/he messed up saying wtf.)
When the guy next to me in my chemistry class saw what would be on the final, he yelled, "They expect you to remember crap from the beginning of the semester?? TWF!"

"I shot that guy in the head three times, and he still turns around and kills me?! TWF?"

"The what fuck/TWF!"
di riddledeedo 14 aprile 2010
Shortened version (intended for txt) of 'Totally want food'
Flip, I TWF right now!
di RuthlessWords 14 maggio 2011
texting/ tweeting while fucking
On twitter:
#twf i hope she doesnt see me while im hittn from the back
di DeeezzDefs 02 luglio 2010