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A another word to use for a good lookin' female
She's well tasty
She's a bit tasty
di Raz Egerton 13 gennaio 2004
200 59
Symonym for cool, sweet, or awesome.

Origionally derived from "that was some tasty pussy", now used to describe everything.
That was a tasty nap.
di TLS 05 giugno 2005
95 42
Good, Yummy, Delicious.
I just ate a taco and that shit was TASTY as fuck!
di BIG bill 13 marzo 2003
85 45
In British (perhaps particularly London) English 'tasty' can mean good at something, especially fighting.
I wouldn't pick a fight with that bloke, he's a bit tasty!

I think I'll back Johnson, he's been looking tasty in training.
di philip 11 giugno 2004
60 35
A very attractive person, often used in place of the word hot
Eric looks damn tasty today
di jaymee 16 febbraio 2004
42 19
a term used to describe how fucking awesome things are. often used to describe amazing riffs when playing guitar
Devil: Check this riff, it's fucking tasty!
di dereek19 18 ottobre 2008
43 24
a synonym for snack, or any sort of good food or drink
yo dawg you got any tasties?
di faisal khan 12 febbraio 2004
63 47