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Acronym for "The Hot And Naked Kinky Sex". Also stands for "The Hot And Nasty Kinky Sex" for the more adventurous types.

Used in sentences to conceal a hidden meaning - very useful in a public setting.
Guy1: Hey did you hook up with that chick last night?
Guy2: Yea it was awesome!
Guy1: Did you give her THANKS?
Guy2: Yea she got all the THANKS she could handle!
di ThanksMan98 21 novembre 2010
27 39
(tr.v) When a man smacks his now-flaccid, post-ejaculatory penis against a woman's lips gently in an act of appreciation for oral sex.

See blowjob
"Phill thanked Jill a few times after he was finished."

"Do you think she would get pissed off if I thanked her a bit?"

"Did you know that michael thanks carrie?

"You ca-an s-s-top thanking me now ple-e-ase.."
di barium 12 dicembre 2005
34 47
Used by idiots, or most commonly viets in MMORPG's that say Thank, instead of thank you, thanks, ect.
"Buying 64+7 Sword PM me. Thank!"
di matt1847628 10 marzo 2007
6 20
past tense of "to think"...see "thought"
ie: "so i thank earlier..."
di togish1 04 maggio 2009
15 30
See Think, Thank, Thonk
Please look up Think, Thank, Thonk
di George Payne 10 aprile 2008
5 21
a thanks is a synonym with penis, vagina, sex, b*tch, f@ck, @$$h0le, etc.
i'm glad i don't have a thanks.
di mnbvcxz.zxcvbnm-1497 28 dicembre 2010
7 41
Thanks is another way of saying Fuck you, to people that are completely self absorbed assholes. People think your polite, when in fact you'll be meaning fuck you.
Thanks Haters, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.
di ReallySee 04 settembre 2009
33 67