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A person who is unwilling to spend money.
We need a car and have money to spend but my husband is being a Wenger.
di Socceroo90 31 agosto 2013
52 5
the best football manager ever, which is the reason he just beat fergie for the manager of the decade award. Also the only manager to ever go undefeated for a full season. But whenever someone is just too good, people love to hate.
Did you see Wenger go undefeated for an entire season?
di wengerite 25 marzo 2011
39 48
A whiny person with an accent which makes you feel physically sick.
That Nikki from Big Brother is a right fucking Wenger!
di Steve Edwards 12 luglio 2006
32 81
A noun describing an "Asshole", "Asshat", and all of the sort.
"You're being such a Wenger.", "You Wenger!"
di Clever Cat & Malevolent Moose 04 gennaio 2009
19 72