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Big Upper Buttcrack Area...

Pronounced "boo-pa"
Dang girl how'd ya get that b.u.b.a in those jeans?

Look at the b.u.b.a busting out her pants..!
di jakenblesyca 27 luglio 2010
your large black cellmate that makes you his bitch.
where is your husband buba
di jeff 25 febbraio 2004
something i ca my best mate who i luv lots likey
hey buba, luv ya loads xxx
di Dot Mary Dey 09 agosto 2009
Similar to bitch, it is used less frequently in some Texas areas. A buba is kinda helpful, being near one will make your life quite easier.
Sister, Sister's friends, Mother's friends...
Sentence: This girl makes me feel a buba...
|| I'm getting buba because of you all!
di George2000 15 maggio 2006