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noun; Male. The most ignorant member of the BAG family. Other family members include Douche, Dirt, and Shit.
After Mike hotboxed (fart) several people in an elevator, Tim says to Mike, "You truly are the king of all Ballbags."
di Bill O'Riley 10 gennaio 2008
176 64
same as your nut sack
Oh! She kicked me in my hairy ball bag.
di Shane Marcot 09 maggio 2003
118 28
Northern Ireland and Scotland; the scrotum OR to describe someone who annoys you
that boy just hit me in the ballbag!
di StuartK 27 giugno 2005
102 49
this is when someone rubs you up the wrong way and you have no choice but to retaliate with a childish but seemingly funny piece of jargan
give me my mother f*%#ing book back you f&%#ing ball bag
di poo daddy 24 aprile 2005
84 37
Noun meaning scrotum and testes
Who knew that two in the pink, one in the stink, would get you kicked in the ball bag?
di "Melted-tires" Mel Molaney 24 ottobre 2006
61 26
Usually used when someone is very stupid or dumb, but the normal term...male testicles!
Don't be such a ballbag all your life!
di Kim 14 aprile 2004
71 42
The sac that contains a males testicles. Hence is used as an insult, in the same way that nutsack and scrotum are.
Just fuck off you cunting ballbag! I hate you, you fuckin' gay ballbag!
di H3nnerz 26 aprile 2006
51 31