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Anyone who claims they are a "fan" of a particular sports team, even though they had no prior support for/interest in the team until that team started winning. These types of fans only show playoff interest, have probably never watched a regular season game, don't own any type of team merchandise, nor would they buy any.
Everyone in Cleveland became a bandwagon fan only after LeBron James got drafted and they made the playoffs.
di mikeyJ4U 27 maggio 2009
586 165
Anyone who became a Miami Heat fan in 2010-2011
#1: Lets go heat!
#2: Name three players from the Heat.
#1: Lebron, Dwyane, Bosh.
#2: Definitely a bandwagon fan.
di DMasterJay 27 maggio 2011
281 97
Someone who becam a fan of the Boston Redsox after the 2004 world series.
"Look at all the bandwagon fans, there the reason why tickets are becoming so fuckin expensive"
di $teve 08 gennaio 2007
364 189
Switches support to whatever team/game/allegiance/belief happens to be successful at the time
"Brothers in Arms fans were pissing there pants once they played Call of Duty:World at War, now they're saying the its the most authentic game ever. And all this because the MP of Brothers in arms:Hell's Highway sucked... Such worthless bandwagon fans"

"Celtics fans at the middle of the 07-08 NBA season"
di McCreary 17 novembre 2008
198 99
Whenever a region's sports team suddenly gets really good really quickly, everyone and their fucking dog either buys a sports jersey or takes their old one out of the closet where it's been for 20 years, proclaiming they are a diehard fan. Bandwagon fans usually flock to their team's games in large numbers and usually constitute 80% of that team's fanbase. See Florida Gators.
Gators Bandwagon Fan #1: Hey man, I heard Tim Tebow is playing today on TV!

Gators Bandwagon Fan #2: Oh yeah! Who cares that I didn't know who the Florida Gators were before their national title season! I'm a Gator Fan for life!
di Anonymous31443 27 dicembre 2009
118 53
All New York Yankee fans.
"We have so manny f**kin rings!! hahah, FU!!"
"Done anything recently?"
"We don't n33d aneemor!! haha!!"
"Right you are bandwagon fan..."
di Beans129 08 agosto 2008
240 179
Someone who becomes a fan of something because everyone else is.
Example 1
Johnny, "Hey, I heard that everybodies voting for Barack Obama!" Bill, "Why, what political views of his do they support and what about his past makes them believe he will be a good president?" Johnny, "I don't know but I love him, he's sooooo cool! He sounds so nice when he talks!!!" Bill, "Johnny, you're a bandwagon fan!"
Example 2
Johnny, "Bill why do you like the Yankees and the Patriots even though you're from Texas?" Bill, "I have some friends who made me big fans!!!" Johnny, "Bill you're a bandwagon fan!"
di tdeatslettim 10 giugno 2010
57 20