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An abreviated version of "blinding" the effect, often created by a lights reflection off a particularly shiny surface
Bling are items such as jewelry Puffy Wears or Vanna White's Dress
di C O'Rourke 08 aprile 2007
4 17
Another word for cocaine.
Joe: Yo son, you got any bling?
Tom: Ye boss, come round ere'
di Paul thomas jr 23 novembre 2006
11 24
Ill gotten gains. Expensive jewellery obtained by inflicting pain and suffering on others.
Mah bling I got ba fuckin' up yo poor crackheads' lives.
di greg rivers 30 dicembre 2005
26 52
refers to good quality cocaine, the shine/sparkle in cocaine. also slang for crack cocaine
you have good stuff? yea i got bling yo.
you have bling? (crack)
di jhustler 17 aprile 2006
18 51
n. compelling desirablity, beguiling allure
That which is indefinably perfect has bling.
di John Bielenberg 30 ottobre 2005
23 81
Proof that wealth can't buy class.
I gotta get into the fake jewelry business, all the retards buying bling I'll never go broke.
di Sam is a Dick 25 ottobre 2006
119 243