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To be wacked, outdated, tired, late, played out. Originally street slang from Oakland, CA.
Tina's get-up is straight bootsy. She want ever get no play wearing that wacked-ass fit.
di Demicci D. Dior-Britt 25 ottobre 2007
333 132
Beyond terrible. Just horrible. adj.
Still another word that originated from "The Town" Oakland, CA USA
That girl thinks she's fine but we all she is hella bootsy.
di The Sensei 04 marzo 2005
568 287
trash, straight up trash
yo see that dudes kicks, they bootsy
di Nikyyy 20 febbraio 2010
59 50
shady, scandalous, currupt
Ryan and Nichole are so bootsy!
di Billy and Ashley 21 giugno 2005
64 86
(adj.) unfair, uncool, or "ungood"
What? You can't go home this weekend because of homework? That's hella bootsy!
di k1 11 ottobre 2001
83 191
of or relating to one who wants or needs an act of sexual deviance.
"Girl, I drank a little and I'm feeling quite bootsy"
di Erick Hilburn 24 aprile 2008
16 129
adj. describes someone who is uncool, weird, not hip, or just not in style. can also describe something that one dislikes.
Man, your dad still says "the bomb". Hes hecka bootsy!

Ay yo, history is hecka bootsy today, lets ditch!
di ~*~*}{yP}{y Qu33N ~*~* 13 giugno 2006
56 185