Your ass.
Don't drop any slice of my booty, or I'll have your booty!
di I eat swag for breakfast 26 agosto 2014
Means ass or butt that can shake and is big and beautiful and can be worked any where!
J-Lo has da BOOTY
di Whitney 01 aprile 2003
pirate: Where be me booty? Did you take it red, cuz if you do i'll be sending ye to the deep!
di Ghandi 18 settembre 2002
Finest ass you'll see
“Antonio has the booty”
di Squeaky Bon Devik 20 dicembre 2015
The Two Cheeks That Clap Together When You Shake DAT A$$
You Can Eat The Booty , You Can Drop The Booty Low , You Can Clap The Booty .
di Gotta Eat The Chin Right 22 giugno 2015
An ass or butt that is big Specifically a females
That girl was grinding on me with her big booty last night.
di Ugly ass Noodlehead 14 aprile 2015
Another word for butt, anis, ass etc.
1. That booty be lookin fine
2. That booty is round af
di amandastarkey16 11 aprile 2015

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