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Just another word for plastic jewlery. Normally flashy colorful dress up jewlery worn by not only ravers buy stupid emo's.
Whoa man, look at your arm, you have a lot of candy.
di Selly420 22 febbraio 2006
22 37
Another term for sex
-Did you get candy today?
-yes lots
di Bishmilla 12 luglio 2004
26 41
Another word for condoms because they come in many flavors and colors like...... candy.
I'm horny, who's buying the "candy" tonight?
di Chipmunk5369 30 agosto 2008
1 17
girls, chicks , bitches , anyone female
i like vanilla candy = i like white girls
di Babylatin16 18 ottobre 2007
7 23
A word I started using to replace the well over-used word "sweet". I used to say sweet, and then added the "like candy" for emphasis. "Man, that car is sweet like candy." I then shortened it to simply "candy". I use it instead of sweet in everyday conversation.
1 dude..."Dude, there's free ber at the Junction tonight!"
Another dude..."Candy."

Now if I could just find a word to use instead of dude...
di Homer Simpson 15 giugno 2003
14 30
A pussy, a hot girl, or your genitals. Something that is sexually appealing.
Mmmmm...that was some good candy, Jenn.
di Eddie088 22 novembre 2003
18 37
Candy is like 2 describe an ol skool ride, like a classic Impala, that has multiple high clear gloss coats on it.
"Dude was ridin on candy"
di India in Tx. 09 novembre 2004
14 34