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Donald Trump
"We're not going to solve our problems if we get distracted by carnival barkers and sideshows" (Barack Obama, 27th April 2011, in reference to Donald Trump)
di BannedByTrumpPlaza 27 aprile 2011
43 8
A bloviating, pathologically narcissistic douchebag with a combover who demands peoples' birth certificates.
Donald Trump is a carnival barker; he won't stop asking for Obama's birth certificate
di Reality355 27 aprile 2011
56 24
Donald Trump.
The country does not have time for sideshows and carnival barkers.
di jalara 27 aprile 2011
25 11
One who hangs out outside a party and warns people not to go in for any reason.
Carnival Barker- "Don't go in there man it's haunted."
di Gribbles 17 novembre 2007
19 46