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Short word for Cigarette
Shit, im out of smokes, give us a ciggy!
di z3ek 10 maggio 2005
shortened version of "cigarettes."
"Hand me my ciggies" "I need a ciggy"
di thebunnyhorse 01 dicembre 2004
the short version of cigarette
"yo! i'm hungry for a ciggy"
di ladie-puffy 08 marzo 2005
word short for cigarette.
chick 1: "can i bum a ciggy?"
chick 2: "yehh."
di love-bruises 10 marzo 2007
The short form of cigarette
"Yo, I'm gunna step out for a ciggy"
di Hooder Hooderman 09 maggio 2009
Yo man, hook me up some ciggies!
di garbage bear 21 novembre 2010
noun; a fine lady who spends her days sippin' booze, smoking weed, and getting laid without a care in the worl.
Back in high school, I used to be a ciggy.
di SAM•BAM 18 luglio 2008