Another word for weed.
Give me some dat good cookie.
Damn! That boy smell like cookies.
di La LA La 05 febbraio 2004
Want some cookies?
di kid1 22 settembre 2003
Crack Cocaine
I'm a bankhead nigga ill take yo Cookies.
di Gee2 27 settembre 2003
something a bloke ges after a good titwank
you want some cookies
di kookiez 06 maggio 2003
A promotional character used to illustrate mans evolution from a simple being into one of higher intelligence.
Cooky behaviour, known for being cooky.
di Geoff Jesters 16 novembre 2008
Sex with the Cullen boys.
Oh, I am so lusting for Edward cookies!
di PeteStump 15 settembre 2006
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