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The act of being angered at someone to the point of yelling.
"Marsh!, You cookie whore!!..."
di droberts 07 marzo 2010
7 4
One who says "I Love You" in order to gain food products or other less honorable rewards.
"Give me your cookie." "No." "I love you." "Okay."
"You're such a Cookie Whore Caleb"
di Betty Bruce 18 settembre 2006
22 19
A cookie whore is a person who cant be trusted with any cake or chocolate. Be wary of those called katie, they get vicious! cookie Stealing
Guy 1: hey wheres my fucking cookie!
Guy 2: keep your voice down we all know katie's a cookie whore!
di mortalperil 10 luglio 2010
6 5
someone who won't share their cookie with you for the selfish reason at some point they want to have sex with that cookie. Or someone is hard of hearing and didn't hear you call them a cookiehorder and changed changed the word horder into whore in their own mind out of possible guilt. also a cookiewhore is someone who could use a box of Quetips and some ear flush to understand your new york accent.
you are sitting with a young lady who is eating a large cookie and won't give you a piece. you call her a cookiehorder in a new york accent. she then accuses you of calling her a cookiewhore so you get asked to leave the party by your boss and have no idea why until monday morning when he tells you
di PaulJWBunyan 11 luglio 2011
1 2
a guy that's always trying to get into a girls pants because they're desprete.
tony: hey erika let me get at that cookie you got down there!

erika: *slap* you asshole! goosh you're such cookie whore!
di HOOLiGAN :D 16 ottobre 2008
10 16
someone who get payed in food
chilla is sucha cookie whore she eats all the time
di vnus,sioud 03 ottobre 2003
9 18