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When someone's pants are so damn tight, their meatcurtains gobble the crotchular area of their 2 size too small pants.
OMG Cindy, Randi was wearing her crotch gobblers today!

I know Sarah, I told her to go take care of that nasty mooseknuckle but she told me to mind my own meatcurtains.

Dammmnn Randi, them crotch gobblers you got on today make me wanna credit card you with my sausage.
di iLOVEkfc4ever 23 novembre 2010

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mooseknuckle randi cameltoe meatcurtain meatcurtains slut
one who gives oral sex
Paris Hilton is a crotchgobbler.
di jesusisonlsd 22 dicembre 2006
anyone that gobbles "crotch"
your mother
di clark 01 dicembre 2003