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A group of Hispancis who are conservative and vote for the Republican Party. They tend to associate themselves with Anglos and disassociate themselves from other Hispanics. Many are openly racist towards other Hispanics and Blacks. They will deny their Hispanic roots unless it benefits them in some way such as college applications where they will mark off Hispanic to take advantage of Affirmative Action. The Cuban vote was the deciding factor in awarding Florida to George W. Bush in the 2000 and 2004 elections and you can thank them for the 8 years of Bush.
That's a Cuban, he is a strong Republican and loves George W. Bush. He will be voting for Palin in the upcoming elections.
di MarkBlack 04 ottobre 2008
215 475
One who hails from Cuba or of close descent.
I'm from Cuba so that makes me Cuban.
di DC 16 novembre 2005
1468 460
A cuban is great way to get a great party going. Refers to a cuban cigar, hand made, and illegal in the United States. People get really impressed when you pull a couple out and light em up.
A tool: Yo, i got some cubans!
Everyone Else: YO, sweet, lets hit em!
di boardbro 25 gennaio 2005
1063 197
A person that can whip your ass in dominoes. Is family oriented. Cooks better than everyone else. Drinks Mojitos. Smokes Cigars. Drinks the strongest coffe known to man. Plays and watches baseball. And dreams of the day the homeland can be revisited. VIVA CUBA LIBRE CARAJO!
Mira el tipo este. De verdad que esta enpingao. Tiene que ser cubano
di 27 febbraio 2006
1038 643
A person from Cuba who is stereotyped ALOT. most of them are 'chusmas', but some are actually classy, wealthy people.

We talk loud and sometimes are annoying, but people love us anyways. we love our family and always have food to offer.

Their abuelitas always feed them, even if they are 1000 pounds.

Cubans are white, black, mulato, and chinese.
Cubans ALWAYS have the best food (croquettas, picadillo, carne con papa, abondigas, etc.) and their bread is the SHITT.

Most Cuban men/guys are cocky and arrogant, and even being a Cuban, i admit it. The old men usually talk loud and say "OYE" with a nasaly voice.

About 90% of miami is made up of cubans, but not all came from little banana boats. (my family came on a plane)
Alot of cubans own farmacias, and live in Hialeah.
Cuban: Oye eat some picadillo!
Cuban: I'm not this is my whisper!

Person: oh well i'm not hungry
Cuban: ok i'll feed you anyways.
di PinoyCubana 17 novembre 2011
528 148
What 90% of people who live in Miami, Florida are.
Person in Miami #1: What nationality are you?
Person in Miami #2: I'm Cuban.
Person in Miami #1: Me too.
di SomeBadJoke 10 settembre 2006
885 519
The best thing to be. The coolest and most talented people in the world. And they come in all races.
Andy Garcia, Celia Cruz, Fat Joe, Gloria Estafan, etc.
di cUbAn_StEvE 09 aprile 2005
1192 835
cubans are the people who write the definitions for the word cuban on this very site, but only put the good things about cubans and not the bad. they are cocky, in general.yes, they cant be all bad people, but they are not the shiznit. they are just as good as the dominicans and the puerto ricans, except they are better at throwing parties. even though they can really talk loudly.
the dominicans rule at baseball!!! they are the shiznit. cubans rule at rapping. were equal, and i dont give a shit about p.r.'s, its not that i think their crappy, its just that i dont know shit about puerto ricans.
di Xx-no_name-xX 10 novembre 2006
744 497