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While doing a girl from behind and just before climax you withdraw, spit on her back and sigh in relief. When she turns around, assuming you've finished, you blast her in the face; thus falling into your cum trap.
Ha bitch, you fell right into my cum trap.
di G.Chis 10 aprile 2008
18 5
A term used to describe one's mouth.
"Shut yer fuckin cumtrap, you back-ally crackwhore!"
di chickanlover 11 gennaio 2007
10 0
A woman who tricks a man into impregnate her just to have a physical reason to use his funds or assets.
Guy 1: "So I hear Joe got that chick pregnant last night?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, the result of flashing to much! Im surprised he didn't see the cumtrap coming."
di MR.DW 18 dicembre 2008
4 0
a word used to describe a woman is a whore.
that jenny is a real cum trap
di skullman 23 giugno 2006
14 13
when you spin around in a circle and try to make a perfect circle of semen to ward off fat chicks
Forturne Teller: " use a cum trap to get rid of that fat stalker of yours."
di Not Whupped 02 novembre 2008
4 7