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A woman's lips.
Look at the dick pillows on Angelina Jolie!
di Fo Shizzle My Nizzle 10 giugno 2004
36 20
The pillow that is placed over one's genetailia whilst they sit.
Can you pass me a dick pillow? This morning wood isn't going away any time soon.
di Fear of Fleas 03 dicembre 2011
4 0
Bulging fleshy area on a males inner thighs, near the genitals. They give the apperance of large, tumorus, testicles.
Dude, put on your pants, we can see your dick pillows.
di B-Town FFL 28 ottobre 2007
12 8
A big beautiful set of women's lips.
Angelina Jolie has a big beautiful set of dick pillows
di Darth Loring 03 luglio 2009
1 2