the single greatest article of clothing ever to be invented by mankind.
jimmy got hit by a bus, he died...but his friend bob was next to him and got hit by the bus as well...but bob survived, because the flannel absorbed the bus into a different dimension.
di Bryan Wulff 11 dicembre 2005
A comfortable, soft weave of cotton that is found in shirts and pajama pants. It is commonly found in button-down form. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles. It is safe to say that flannel shirts will not be categorized to a certain subculture, as they are worn by many, from jocks to hipsters.
"I wore my new flannel at the party last night. The girls were all over me!"
di Occult Aura 29 dicembre 2009
n.1. a soft, slightly napped fabric of wool or wool and another fiber, used for trousers, jackets, shirts, etc.
2. a soft, warm, light fabric of cotton or cotton and another fiber, thickly napped on one side and used for sleepwear, undergarments, sheets, etc.

3. Lesbian lingerie
1&2.The lumberjack is wearing his flannel jacket and shorts.
3.Desy totally ripped off lulu's flannel in bed last night.
di Desy/lulu 14 ottobre 2008
A famous internet troll, known for hijacking message boards by building copycat boards and directing members of the victim board to the copycat. Also known for creating havoc on message boards by ID trolling unsuspecting victims by replacing the letter "m" with "rn", such as the ID troll "horner1443" for trolling "homer1443".

To be a victim of Flannel's trolling, one is said to be "flanneled".

"UnemployedFarmer sure got flanneled today"
di Bart Bozton 10 febbraio 2009
mass noun British informal bland fluent talk indulged in to avoid addressing a difficult subject or situation directly
a simple admittance of ignorance was much to be preferred to any amount of flannel
di cribbins 31 maggio 2012
Soft, touchable, irresistible manliness woven into a fabric.
Matt tried to explain to his 7th grade class what flannel was, but quickly realized that it is simply something one must experience for themselves.
di Veranda Collingwood 08 marzo 2013
Definition of a male flannel is a man who does everything in his own power to attract the attention of a female partner even if it means crossing swords, dressing inappropriately, causing a dramatic scene in which he plays the vital main role and backstabbing his fellow comrades to achieve the attention.

There's a International level of chase for women, if you go over the 70% your a flannel.
A flannel wearing an obscenely tight Vest to show of his muscular contours to impress women.

A flannel would be trying hard in a club to pull every girl in sight.

A flannel refuses to go out with his mates, rather stay in with his girlfriend/wife.

A flannel would be picking you up from the train station so you can get home, but in a last minute change of plan ditched you for a chick.

a flannel idolises women, treats men as inferiors.

One infamous person named Mark Williams is known to be the largest flannel of mankind; he can absorb the attention of up to 130 women at any one moment in time. Last few sightings in clubs have been in UK, Cambridgeshire area.
di Anonymous Dubber 30 novembre 2009

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