a lame store for posers that, like abercrombie, smells like vomit (hollister cologne), employs social rejects with nice hair and faux tans, and sells fake vintage clothes with made-up events on them. except worse because when you're in there it feels like you're in a cave.
"jesus since when is there a cave attached to the mall?"
"no this is just hollister"
"i can't see my hand"
"let's leave."

"did you really go to the 1982 pie eating contest of salmonville, west virginia?"
"no, i wish. so instead i got this shirt at hollister."
di hwell 26 aprile 2006
Two words: PURE HELL
Preppy Mcprepprepp: "OMG, I just went to Hollister and paid $60 for a new pair of distressed jeans. By the way, I LOVE yours, where'd you get 'em?"
Me: "I bought them at Wal-Mart two years ago, and they just started looking like shit on their own."
di destinys_arockstar 02 dicembre 2005
cheap wannabe abercrombie

people think that they are so cool by shopping at hollister, but really they just look like complete wannabees. Abercrombie is really where its at.

if you like all of your clothes to be bright orange, hot pink, and fluorescent turquoise, then this is the store for you. All their clothes look the same. Every shirt is orange and baby-doll style. you can spot a hollister shirt from a mile away.

by the way, why would you want to wear a shirt with a palm tree and surf board IN THE WINTER?!?!
girl #1: that girl at the end of the street is wearing a hollister shirt

girl #2: how do you know? you see the little seagull logo all the way from here?

girl #1: its orange and has flowers.
di abercrombie does it better 23 ottobre 2007
A store with high-quality clothes that are very hip and trendy. Usually look "pre-worn". It usually has cute instyle workers. It's a place you can get clothes to look great in. Usually emo or goth people make fun of hollister, abercrombie and fitch, or american eagle, Because they have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives and they can't afford it, and wouldn't look good in it anyway. Let's face it, If you were cute, YOU wouldn't boycott this store!
Emo/Goth/Loser: I hate hollister ! They are too expensive and I can't afford it!

Emo/Goth/Loser friend: OH I know! I can afford hollister but their sizes are too small!

Emo/Goth/Loser: Let's sit around and bitch and moan about it because I am really really jealous!

Emo/Goth/Loser friend: Good idea! I'm thinking about those people all the time anyway!
The Best Clothing Store Any Human Could Step Into........Especially in the Betty's Section

Oh my gosh I went to the Hollister Store in the Del Amo Mall and bought the bombest pink shirt ever.
di Ladii Hollister 01 febbraio 2009
a west coast themed store that sells expensive clothing but, sometimes sexy clothing when girls wear it =). hollister jeans/pants in my opinion are very tight looking on hot girls and looks very good. some guys also shop here to, in fact yestarday i bought a 30 dollar polo shirt from them. even though they are expensive and kind of got the "gay" thing to them for guys, i still think they offer high quality clothing wheter otr not it's ripped. besides, i'd rater wear expensive clothing from hollister then a 2 dollar blank red tank top from wal-mart with a tag that says "XTREME ATHLETIXS". or a shirt from jcpenney's that say "ugh, my dog at my homework", or a shirt that says "hey dude, wanna play dis tubular video game i bought yesterday??". point of the fact is if you want the ladies do like you, BUY TRENDY CLOTHING!! who cares if the pants are all ripped up to shreds and they're only 250, chicks LOVE IT!! Hollister is a good store in my opinion that is very unique and delivers a good taste for teens/colleagues that want well.. trendiness.
gay evan: hey man, nadine gave me sum good head yesterday cuz all the chicks love my gayish acts.
straight darren: yea but your gay, so why would she give you head??
gay evan: ugh, ugh, ugh, i don't know well ugh.
straight darren: WAIT A MINUTE!! if i wear hollister and act gay i'll get head too??!!
gay evan: damnit kid, your NOT supposed to know that!!
slut nadine: hey lover boy what are you talking sbout now?
gay evan: ugh, nothing.
straight darren: Dear, Mrs. Slut Nadine, I'm gay and I would like to bang you till i explode all over your... hot... and... tan... and perfect and oh so smooh face. please suck it as slow as you can, *up, and down, up and down, then very slowly clean and lick it up. Thank You, HUH wait a minute!! EVAN!!!
di Darren Hinke's best buddy 09 agosto 2006
A store in which men buy female clothing. It is not "stylish"... it's ridiculous, and it's not "metro"... it's flat out gay.

When did it become acceptable for a guy to wear a pink shirt? Why would anyone buy a pair a baggy plaid shorts that resemble a kilt? Who in their right mind would buy pre-torn jeans? When did dark brown and pink become a tasteful color combination? It is enough to bring one to tears, seeing the cashier in a tight collared shirt with a popped collar and seagreen and lavender stripes. Is that what a man - of any social strata - should wear? Unless they are openly homosexual, the answer is no.

It should also be noted that Hollister prices are no higher than any other mall outlet store, including Abercrombie and Fitch, Pacific Sunwear, or Hot Topic... so you can't use the "you just can't afford it" arguement. Most people can afford it; you just have some bad taste.
Taylor bought a pink polo shirt and pants that looked like a kilt at Hollister to show off to chicks how secure he was with his masculinity, and was hit on by every guy at the bar that night.
di End Your Life 14 luglio 2006

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