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Contraction of the words 'hypocrite' and 'Christian'. Any Christian who claims to follow the teaching of Christ but whose belief structure, values and/or actions directly contradict such a claim. Typically, hypochristians support things such as the Death Penalty, engage in heavily in proselytizing and judgement of others whose beliefs differ from theirs. Additionally, they often oppose things that go against their beliefs such as gay marriage, evolution, and other scientific law amidst wide amounts of ethical, scientific, moral, and logical arguements (even within their own supposed claim of beleifs) that would prove otherwise. Hypochristians are best categorized as individuals so stubbornly and fanatically devoted to their beliefs that they border on sheer stupidity.
Jill is one of theose Born Again Hypochristians. She claims she believes in the teaching of Jesus yet she sleeps with every guy she meets.
di chronosis 17 aprile 2005
(N) A person who states that they are a Christian, believe in Christian values, and may even preach the gospel, yet are hateful and unforgiving. Such a person will often talk of the love of Jesus, will talk of morals, will talk of doing good, but will hold people to high expectations, may be judgmental, and extremely prideful.
Kirsten is such a hypochristian. She talks of forgiveness and all that other crap, but she's still mad at me for that fight we had over a year ago!
di SpiSpi 19 giugno 2005
basically, it's someone who claims to be a Christian but doesn't follow the teachings of Jesus. They often go to church on the Sabbath wearing dresses and suits and ties, play a prominent role in the congregation, are married and have children. They tend to vote exclusively Republican (but not always) and try to bully the local community to pass laws favorable to their point of view, try to force their point of view on EVERYBODY around them, try to establish a Christian Iran in America, and brag about how moral they are and how loyal the family is to them. They tend to be white racists, prejudiced against all those who are not like them. Women hypochristians often are soccer moms. To sum it up, a hypochristian is usually a neo con, a "conservative Christian", although some are also of the liberal persuasion, too.
Brad has a wife who he beats up to a pulp every week, and a 15-year-old male lover on the side. He also has raped his daughter and her school friend, as well as "done it" with his dog, Dexter. He has stolen money from church, tries to force his views on the community, considers what he don't like to be "liberal" or "communist" or "godless". He brags about his Christianity but often tells racist jokes at work. He is a hypochristian to the max.
di Starpunk 29 novembre 2006
From the combination of "hypocrite" (one who does not practice what they preach) and "Christian".

A Hypochristian is a person who claims to be an upstanding "moral" Christian, but passes all sorts of judgment on anyone who doesn't think EXACTLY like they do.
My family is a bunch of Hypochristians; they nearly disowned me when I chose to come out to them.
di Trish 09 novembre 2004
(1) Much like a hypocrite, a hypochristian is one who acts and/or self-proclaims themselves to be a Christian or have Christian-like qualities, beliefs and virtues in public, church or anywhere else people can observe them.

(2) A person who judges and sets Christian-like standards for other people, even though they do not possess the same particular characteristics/qualities.
Joe: Man, how can Brittany lecture me about having sex before marriage, when she has slept with the whole baseball team?

Chris: I dunno dude. She's a Hypochristian.

di xKODIAKx 25 marzo 2009
An off shoot of a hypocrite.Those snotty ass church going folks that always praise themselves as the ideal christian and try to force others into behaving more accordingly as they see it fit based on their own actions. The clencher is that when they get home they are they perfect flying examples of satan on earth. Most often they are very crude, disgusting, and perverted people.
"Harry is such a hypochristian. I know for a fact that he rapes his daughter, and he acts like he's a fucking saint."
di Ryan and Toby 26 marzo 2003
N. (Simply put) A Christian who talks the talk, then sins the sin.
He didn't even leave the Church yet, not even one step outside, he's cursing up a storm, and eyeing up the ladies. What a HypoChristian.
di Disgruntled Christian 23 giugno 2011
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