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Bam Margera's ex fiance. Has appeared in the CKY Movies, Haggard, Jackass,Viva La Bam, and recently appeared in the movie 'Misdirected'. Also makes a quick appearence with her daughter in Hilary Duff's music video for 'Fly'. Jenn is generally a nice person who cares about her fans.
Jenn Rivell is in alot of things.
di lilly_lazer 24 agosto 2005
100 49
really cool person bam margeras ex she rocks
jenn rivell stared in haggard cky and viva la bam
di razorbladeXromatic 25 settembre 2005
52 67
bam margeras really hot girlfriend and they have a sex tape out.
bams margeras girlfriend
di joe polchinski 23 marzo 2005
47 78
Slut,whore, lucky skank because she has bam margera to do! she lives with all thoes cool people! LUCKY BITCH!
she has a sex tape to name 1 thing
di amy 20 aprile 2005
63 105