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The one so rare he humps you like you've never been humped before, you feel his kisses in your toes, the most passionate, affectionate ,sexual being you'll ever come across. He's the one that will be on your mind and in your heart forever!
I'm in a Jimmy State of Mind
di Precious greeneyes 25 novembre 2009
394 239
to fix something using some shrewd ingenuity
when the tv stopped working, rob said 'don't worry, i'm sure i can jimmy something up!'
di t dogg 06 ottobre 2005
699 560
to know to rock and roll. angelic, bold, charming, stud muffin. The man.
Jimmy helps his neighbors out with thier heavy loads after thier shopping trip.
di europopian 07 maggio 2009
333 227
A reference to a particular type of Sprinkle, namely, Chocolate Sprinkles
I don't want rainbow sprinkles, I want some Jimmies
di steve 03 marzo 2005
285 198
term used for condoms

"Yo Seth look whos buying Jimmys" - Sex Drive
di Boat House 30 aprile 2009
136 58
The name of anyone in Scotland.
Jimmy: A'right jimmy
Jimmy(2): Aye
di Blinkey99 05 ottobre 2006
414 340
synonym for sprinkles
I'll have a large cone with 2 scoops of ice cream with jimmies, please!
di mosoubo 17 aprile 2003
239 172