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Girl next door type with a pleasant sense of humor, often passed over by foolish men despite her many often reserved, yet highly desirable qualities.
>Now that Tim's finally over that controlling slag, I hear he's gotten together with the Judith girl.
>Thats good, she always seemed really nice, I'm happy for him.
di Jeatwh 09 marzo 2009
637 282
A woman to be reckoned with.

She has her head screwed on right and is willing to fight those with Rectal Cranial Inversion, or what is more commonly known as, those with their heads up their ass.

A fearless heroine. Judith is a classic example of the courage of local people fighting against tyrannical rule. History's best known Judith decapitated Holofernes, an invading general, then took his severed head back to her countrymen, so as to inspire them to stand up and fight for themselves.

She is what all little girls should aspire to be. She is the equivlant of Auntie Mame, seeking to share adventure and knowledge while despising the narrow minded, the selfish and the bigoted.
She is one tough bird who is not afraid of an uphill battle.

Judith is a beautiful yet fearsome creature. Be warned she is scrappy and will not back down from fighting words
With vanishing forests, rising ocean levels, fewer birds, and corrupt govornment and big business what this world needs is more Judiths.
di svelby 08 febbraio 2010
410 113
Hebrew: "Praised." Daring and beautiful. Courted by many.
See the Book of Judith
di Historian in CA 04 febbraio 2010
266 98
The name children call their father's second wife or girlfriend, regardless of her birth name, after his having left or lost his first wife. Often only to their siblings or to friends whose father's also have a Judith.
Is Judith coming to the wedding? I can't believe that, they just met.

He's spending Christmas with Judith? Did he even think about what we're going to do now?
di bigbigbellyflop 07 dicembre 2011
25 81
A woman who is incapable of silence, even when silence is the correct answer.
Omygawd, like when the guy was bragging about how terrific he was, his ex just couldn't stop laughing. What a Judith!
di N. Discreet 03 febbraio 2010
141 216
A plain, lazy girl with mousy brown hair who never turns down a drink. She gets ridiculously drunk at every social occasion. Enjoys snacking and clarifying people's word choice. Very superstitious.
Person: "that girl is such a Judith, she's just been sitting smoking weed and watching soaps for the past 48 hours and every time i say anything she corrects my grammar"
di moke brran 31 luglio 2011
65 164
One has little nerd arms.
She can't lift that?
What a Judith
di Stephen de Olivera Josephat 11 dicembre 2010
45 152