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A seriously bad thing to happen to you. If you get 'malkied' then you will have been thumped raucously about the body in a fashion not dissimilar to that of a poor unfortunate referee who has bad mouthed the captain of a particularly large rugby squad.
"Ah geid him the malky an he stood there flat out on the grun."

"Ho! Come back here till Ah malky ya, ya bass!"
di Dangerous Malky 03 febbraio 2004
132 39
Glaswegian word for a headbutt.
That was some malky he gave him, his nose exploded and then he hit the deck.
di Malcom the Malky 04 luglio 2013
8 4
glaswegian slang term for razor blade
i.e malcolm frazor= razor
gieze yer malky pal
di glasvegasspete 13 settembre 2008
52 50
A non-PC slang term used to describe someone of oriental appearance. Thought to have originated in West Edinburgh.
Check that Malky over there in his pimped Corrado, Braaaaap!
di Talcum 31 marzo 2008
4 87