1.) Short for marvelous
2.) A word to describe someone who is very hott or cute
Emanuel looked so marv today.
di FERSHEEZyy 19 maggio 2006
Any sketchy creapy guy standing alone in public areas can be classified as a Marv.
There is a slight possiblity that he works at Kenmore and repairs refridgerators.
phone call:
marv : lets hang out
other: eww why?
marv: because marv gets lonely and has to do his job
other: no
marv : what the... bitch.
di catttt 20 settembre 2007
To give or received multiple bites on the back in the tradition of Marv Albert. Extra points are given when bad toupee is worn and or the phase 'WITH AUTHORITY' is used.
oh man that chick was sooo crazy she Marved me.

Woah that girl is so hot i would love to Marve her...WITH AUTHORITY

You just got Marved
di ZombieBranz 28 novembre 2010
noun- food (marvo is also used), to be hungry, extreme hunger, the munchies (from being stoned)
verb- the act of eating, eating very fast, eating alot
1)n "lets pooch a bowl n head to sev to get some marv."
2)v "hurry up and marv that down we gotta go!"
di swanathon 12 novembre 2008
Flea like creature living in or near the rectal area of a loved one. Marv's existence is known only by those closest to his host. Usually working in unison with TimmyMarv's existance is purely theoretical. Although Marv's outward appearance has yet to be documented his temperment is well known by all members of the 1128TH and most other soldier's serving in garrison with Minnie.

Outward manifestation of Marv's infestation can be charactorized by the severe mood swings of the host and often comical clawing and scratching of the infested area(s). In addition to Marv's ability to irritate his host while working in unison with Timmy he has been acredited with such hanus anus acts as causing Alabama Swamp Ass and the much dreaded Rusty Muffler. Leaving Timmy to bear much of the blame for these acts is yet another aspect of the cruel and sadistic nature of this specific species of ass passenger.
Better look out Marv's really been eating on Minnie's ass again.

Good one Minnie, was it Marv or Timmy that brewed up that fart.
di Kenny-joe 18 maggio 2006

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