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The feeling of enlightenment, usually to describe a high off of marijuana or under the influence of alcohol.
"Wanna get maud?"

di gregga k 09 aprile 2007
114 22
An adjective used to describe something as cool, awesome, raw, etc.
Noah's new shoes are so maud!
di SexyPantherFightingCorp. 28 febbraio 2011
35 14
Someone who is completely and utterly crazy. They are different and are proud to be different, often going agaist something that the crowd likes because they, personally, don't like it. Mauds are awesome!
Hannah: Look at that Maud! She's awesome!
di 435Hillo 02 dicembre 2013
11 3
A nice nickname for a friend. Positive word meaning beautiful and peachy.
'Alright maud'
'Not to bad thanks yourself'
di francesscia of kent 09 aprile 2010
31 30
cool,calm,peach ass beauty!
sinking my teeth into a soft juicy peach the otherday,reminded me of a perfect maud moment!
di belle 06 settembre 2003
47 58